Sorry, Girl! : The Oustanding Outfits Drag Queens (probably) Won't Find at Edith Head's PatternMaker's Estate Sale

written by Matty Pipes

If I've learned anything from eight seasons of RuPaul's Drag Race, it's that sewing and fashion construction are essential to a drag queen's life. Runway styles are too expensive and department store threads are too common. No, if you want Pageantry--with a capital P--you're going to have to make it yourself. So when I heard Edith Head's patternmaker's estate was going up for sale today, I could think of nothing but the throngs of queens battling over what's probably the most iconic silver-screen costume collection known to man!

For those of you who don't know Edith Head and have lost the will to Google, she was the premiere costume designer to Tinseltown for almost six decades. She's been nominated for 35 Academy Awards and taken home seven. Almost every major movie from the '30s to the '70s has her mark on it. In a word: BOSS.

Now if there's anything a drag queen loves more than a beat face, it's a spot-on diva reference. How chic, to not only be dressed like Marylin Monroe from "All About Eve," but to be able to say your dress is an exact replica. SLAY QUEEN! But unfortunately, most of Edith Head's patterns and designs are in museums, galleries and studio archives. I'm sorry to bust your bedazzled bubble, but here's a list of a few iconic Edith Head pieces you probably won't find for sale.

Sorry, girl!

5509567657_fb4bc1f219_oFunny Face - 1957

No recreating the opening "Think Pink!" sequence for you. Sorry, Girl.

giphyRear Window - 1954

Grace Kelly moment Not On Fleek. Sorry, Girl.

tumblr_mg2vn8ivGt1qcay1ao1_500Sunset Boulevard - 1950

You: "I'm ready for my close up, Mr. Devil."

Mr. Devil: "Not in the knock off, you're not! Sorry, Girl."

tumblr_lzzeyoB1qh1rn7dyeo3_1280Sweet Charity - 1969

Hey, Big Spender! Speeeeeeeeeeeeeend a little time pausing the movie so I can guesstimate the width of that neckline. Sorry, Girl.


Sabrina - 1954

What will you wear to Wimbledon?! Sorry, Girl.

tumblr_n590mejQ7V1qdm4tlo1_500Birds - 1963

Better call off that bulk order of black paper mache crows. Sorry, Girl.

tumblr_mxzav2Um4O1rrvp7ao1_500White Christmas - 1954

What's Christmas going to be without your Mrs. Claus realness?! Sorry, Girl.

tumblr_nmlu6ayxRC1qa70eyo3_500What A Way To Go - 1964

Better hold that mink close to your body so no one sees the stitching. Sorry, Girl.



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